Kith: Arcadian Sidhe
Court: ?
Seeming: ?
House: Eiluned

Pronouns: She/Her
Age: ?
Build: Beautiful
Hair: -
Eyes: -

Attire: -

Personality: -

Faerilyth of house Eiluned is the wife of High King David.

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From Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Edition:
It looked like the end of the millennium would be a happy one for Concordia’s subjects when High King David met the beautiful Faerilyth of House Eiluned. Theirs was a passionate, whirlwind romance, but one that ended in tragedy. Upon embarking on their grand tour of Concordia, David disappeared without a trace while staying with King Melige, Faerilyth’s uncle and guardian, in the Kingdom of Willows.
[…] During the early autumn of 2005, High Lord Ariadne, following a request by Sir Seif, convened the Parliament of Dreams for the first time in years. All contenders to the throne arrived […] Suddenly, the doors to the chamber flew open and a gateway from the Dreaming appeared, and Sir Seif’s voice echoed in the Parliament, “Such as it was in our time of need, so it is again. Behold! Your true king returns!”
Escorted by the eshu knight, an older, still regal, David strode across the floor to the speaker’s stand, but before he could reach it, Faerilyth cast herself into his arms. In a moving scene that silenced all present, the two declared their love for each other.


Having lost her husband and having David's adotped daughter named High Queen, she has faded into the background. Her relationship with her adopted daughter is strained.


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