Duchess Eloyse of House Beaumayn

Duchess Eloyse

Art By: N/A
Kith: Sidhe
Court: Unseelie
Seeming: Grump
House: Beaumayn

Duchess Eloyse ap Beaumayn ruled the Duchy of Many Rivers in Quebec City before she was killed by Xaeron during the assault on her freehold by Ignite.

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Eloyse took over control of the Duchy of Many Rivers from Duke Granville, but desired control over The Spark; this led to her eventual downfall.

She is called "Wheezy" by Countess Weyer.


The Duchess was the target of an assassination attempt led by Fala El'Ahib, with several other participants including someone in an alabaster mask. Though the Duchess has her throat slit, through very well-timed intervention by Sophia, she survived, if barely.

She maked an unexpected move, ordering the replacement of Zistor Flexx as the freeholder for The Spark with Baron Rene of House Eiluned. On her visit there, however, it became clear she is a manipulator of high degree, of commoners and nobles alike. She murdered Rene with cold iron, leading to Xaeron declaring an Oath of Crossed Blades against her. She was allowed to leave alive by Sophia, but not before swearing an oath to keep The Spark safe from her machinations.

During the assault on her freehold in Quebec City, Xaeron held true to his oath, killing a defenceless Eloyse with Patches's sidearm.


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