Broken Flight's Prophecy

Broken Flight is based on an old prophecy, one copy of which is kept by Queen Laurel at Caer Frost.

(First read on Day 108.)

Posted 2020-01-12

The leaves stay mottled green e'en as they drop
A soggy blanket missed under the crush
Blank stares ahead and frozen feet won't stop
The march of modern sons who cannot blush

They rend from us the right to master fate
A vassal cannot break the chains of might
The length of Winter coming shan't abate
Lest words unsaid emit from those with sight

A life of logic stasis waits for thee
Where reverie and hope ring only wrong
All warmth will go, thy wrap Banality
And gentle rest for any full of song

To save the fae from chill the crown must fall
Our Dreams rely on workers ruling all

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