High King David

David Ardry

Kith: Arcadian Sidhe
Court: Seelie
Seeming: Grump
House: Gwydion

Pronouns: He/Him
Age: Very old
Build: Slender
Hair: Long, beautiful
Eyes: -

Attire: -

Personality: -

David Ardry is the High King of Concordia.

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From Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Editon:
[After the Battle of Manhattan], in an effort to spare some of the younger Arcadians the horrors of a prolonged and bloody war, the returned houses appointed the famous Grand Bard of the Fae, True Thomas, as guardian for a small group of sidhe. […] On New Year’s Eve, 1973, Thomas learned that a motley of redcaps were making their way towards his home, intent on slaying all Arcadian sidhe there. Hoping to rescue his wards, Thomas saw only one way out of the situation and brought them into New York to hide in plain sight behind enemy lines. Despite being a sound plan due to the vast number of mortals celebrating New Year’s Eve, a redcap patrol spotted them among the revelers in Times Square shortly before midnight.

Using his Arts, the Grand Bard called for his wards to hide behind him while he fended off their attackers. Unnoticed by both sides of the conflict, one of the Arcadian sidhe, a young teenaged boy named David Ardry, snuck into an alleyway. As the battle commenced moments before, David sensed an immense surge of Glamour, and when he realized it went unnoticed by everyone else, he heard a voice calling out for him. He went after the source of the Glamour, and as the final bell tolled and the new year dawned, David returned to assist his guardian, with Caliburn in hand. True Thomas turned to the assailants and exclaimed, “Behold! You do look upon your king!” Frightened by Caliburn’s reappearance, and awed by the sight of the new High King, the redcaps quickly dispersed into the crowd.


After a long reign as High King of Concordia, David began to slowly slip away. Part of this was due to age, but it was later discovered that Talus was using a device to suck away David's glamour. When Ignite finally managed to catch up to him, it was too late. Sophia dream-walked and Ignite learned his final wishes: Patches was to craft something for his daughter, Lenore, and Sophia was to name a new High Queen!


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