Claire Madsen (née Roussin)


Art By: N/A
Kith: Mortal

Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 39
Build: Slight
Hair: Dark hair
Eyes: Green eyes

Attire: Casual (jeans & t-shirt)

Personality: Serious, down-to-earth, kind

Braum's mortal wife of many years, and mother to his two sons.

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Claire is a born-and-raised bilingual Montrealer. She met Braum shortly after he arrived in Cross' Shadow from the Kingdom of Apples, and they quickly recognized a mutual love of (and need for) a stable home life. They were married and had two sons together, although their relationship became strained as Braum ventured further and further back into the Kithain political scene. Unable to understand why he was pulling away, Claire found herself in a relationship with another man, which, when revealed by Kay to Braum, caused their separation. In more recent times, Claire was enchanted and crashed Braum's engagement party. She tried to get back together with him and let slip that she had never actually filed their divorce papers.


Currently living in an apartment on Montreal's West Island, Claire continues to work and, until recently, take care of her two sons. She has taken up photography as a hobby, and has become engaged to a kind man, Giorgio, a satyr.


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