Art By: N/A
Kith: Human

Pronouns: She/Her
Age: ??
Build: Tall
Hair: Greying bun
Eyes: Grey

Attire: Crisp white lab coat

Personality: Cold, calculating, surround by Banality

A mysterious scientist working at Abford Pharma.

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A scientist at Abford Pharma, this woman seems to know Braum and the rest of the members of the Red Branch, including "specimen K" (Kay. She insinuates that she knows about how Rick came into being as well. She was holding Zistor Flexx prisoner.


After trying and failing to capture the motley as they rescued Zistor Flexx, she returned to studying Scythe in the underground laboratory.


This character appears in the following episodes:
11. Mascarade
12. Killer Bunnies
27. Spectre Ops
28. Risk

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