Art By: N/A
Kith: Arcadian Sidhe
Court: ?
Seeming: Wilder
House: ?

Pronouns: She/Her
Age: ?
Build: ?
Hair: ?
Eyes: ?

Attire: Long gown with lace-like sleeves fading from blue to white.

Personality: Flakey, confused, unsettling.

An old friend of Zistor's from down south.

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Not much is known about Aria. She seems to have had something traumatic happen to her.

She met Zistor during his travels in the south of the USA, possibly in New Orleans. She calls him "an angel".


She visited The Spark during Beltaine, talking with Zistor.

Some of the things she says are quite unsettling, hinting at traumatic secrets from her past.


This character appears in the following episodes:
29. Fog of Love
30. Love Letter
31. Ouija

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