Duke Allenion ap Gwydion

Art By: N/A
Kith: Arcadian Sidhe
Court: ?
Seeming: Grump
House: Gwydion

Age: ?
Build: Old, fine features, body sprightly.
Hair: ?
Eyes: ?

Attire: Showing his House colours.

Personality: Righteous, somewhat distracted.

Duke Allenion ap Gwydion rules from his Freehold of Hearts-ease near the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, USA. He also has quarters at Tara Nar. Head of House Gwydion.

Table of Contents


Has history with Braum, and old anger issues about that.


Spends an inordinate amount of time staring at his enormous hourglass standing on his office desk. Enters our story with a right dressing-down of Braum for being selfish and furthering his own interests instead of those of House Gwydion. Shows indications of having a wee bit of contempt for commoners, as well as House Liam.


This character appears in the following episodes:
73. Fire Emblem
75. Nidhogg
76. Witch's Brew
78. Outfoxed!

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